sabrina chong

My name is Sabrina Chong and I am NOT a ‘Rockstar Graphic Wizard’.  I see myself as a service provider who is not in it for an ego boost and puts your needs first. Each project is a unique learning process and begins with me asking you questions about your company, your product and your goals for the project. Once we determined what your needs are, my work begins: research, design, getting critical feedback, re-design, editing, and re-design again, until you end up with a finished and polished product tailored to your needs.

Like all visual workers, I have my own perspective and my own style. The foundation of which began with the University of Concordia in Montreal. I studied in: painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery – all aspects of a rich visual culture which helped shape my personal style. I prefer Rembrandt over Picasso; I prefer visual art over intellectual art; and I am more challenged working within creative boudaries than trying to break existing ones.

After university, I narrowed down my professional focus and immersed myself in the fashion industry. I worked with some the major brands in Montreal’s vibrant and competitive world of high fashion – Buffalo David Bitton, licensed brands (DC, Shrek, Penguins of Madagascar) for sale in Canada and the US at stores like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Walmart. Clothing are versatile products with a complex production chain, and I have experience with all aspects of fashion graphic design, be it sketching garment prototypes, designing branded hangtags, creating attractive presentations for buyers or doing technical illustrations for manufacturers.

But in today’s globally competitive world of graphic design, one cannot stand still, and I have always been keeping tabs on other industries by freelancing as an illustrator and graphic designer.  Designing logos, event posters and flyers, email marketing, keeps me on my toes artistically and professionally.

When I am not designing…I am reading fantasy/sci-fi books, trying to persuade my husband that we need an orange cat, trying new recipes, watching top chef, or playing Hearthstone.